The remote doesn’t work! You’re a few minutes late, but that’s OK because your automatic garage door saves you some time. The problem is when it won’t close properly and all of sudden everything has gone to hell in an instant…

The Hollywood garage door repair industry is not an easy one to work in. There are many serious security problems that you can encounter as a homeowner, and this problem with your opener might be at the top of everyone’s list!

Your garage door is a key entry point for your home. When it’s working, you enjoy the convenience and blessing of having such an important piece in place that keeps intruders out while also providing shelter from bad weather conditions or other disasters beyond human control like fires—but when this safety net isn’t there to protect what matters most? That leaves us at risk!

While a malfunctioning garage door can put a damper on your day, you can take some steps to troubleshoot the problem. Follow our simple guide and learn when it’s necessary to call a Exodus Garage Doors.


  • Check the Lock-Out Button

If you’ve never used the vacation switch or lock-out button before, it can be hard to find. The best way is on your garage door control panel and inside of any modern garages that come equipped with these features. The remote should also have a range up until 200 feet so as not to limit where someone could open their car if they were stuck outside during bad weather.

Sometimes things happen and you don’t realize the Garage Door Remote isn’t working. Reset it by following these steps: remove any dirt or debris from around where your tiled floor meets wall Mounting bracket then pull down on both ends of the handle until plastic prongs emerge from slots at bottom edge pointing towards ceiling position them so they are flush against surface push firmly in order for sensor gears inside mechanism to engage Point device toward receiver (garage opener)and wait 3-5 seconds if there is no response try again

Crisis averted. However, if it doesn’t work, try this next step.


  • Obstructions Around the Garage Door Sensors

Modern garage door openers are so sophisticated that they can detect if anything is blocking their sensors. If this happens, the opener will stop, and you’re safe! In order for your system to work properly, it needs some maintenance from time-to ad time like oiling or replacing batteries however most people don’t know about these little concerns until something goes wrong which usually occurs because we’re not paying attention when installing them onto our homes

The solution to this issue is as simple and easy. Just try the remote again, and in 90% of cases you should be back up and running!

If you find that your sensors do not work properly after checking for obstructions, then simply clean them with a gentle brush or wipe them down. This will help restore their ability to shine so brightly again!


  • Call Professional’s

If you’ve checked the basics with no luck, you need to talk to a Exodus Garage Doors ​as there are some aspects of troubleshooting that should be left to the professionals. You should never attempt to repair installation problems, failures in the motor, or electrical issues. Doing so could cause further damage to your door and could even put you at risk of injury or electric shock.

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