What To Do When You Need Garage Door Service?

The most important thing to know about your garage door is that it isn’t just an ordinary task. There are many things going on with this piece of equipment and if something goes wrong you might face some serious problems, such as safety hazards or even losing access to repairs because nobody can reach them at all!


Is Your Garage Door Making Noises?

If you are experiencing noise coming from your garage door then it could mean there is a problem with the hinges. This article will help guide readers on how they can identify what type of bearing their doors have so that an expert mechanic may be able to fix any issues found during inspection!


Is Your Garage Door Jammed?

The most common reason for a jammed garage door is cold weather. The freezing temperatures and moisture can cause the tracks to freeze, stopping your progress in opening or closing it properly; this shouldn’t happen too early though because there’s still time before winter sets over–although once we get into December/January (when days become shorter) you might want take precautions against getting stuck outside with no way out!


Is Your Garage Door Worn Out?

The last thing you want is a malfunctioning garage door! This can be pretty tricky to fix on your own, but it doesn’t have to wait until something goes wrong. If this has been several years since the last time that yours was serviced or replaced for any reason – whether because he got too busy at work and didn’t make sure things were taken care of properly before leaving town again (or even if there are just general wear-and-tear issues), then now might actually.


Exodus Garage Doors Is Your Professional Garage Door Repair Solution

When you are in need of help with your garage door, there is no better company than Exodus Garage Doors. The experts at this business know-how to fix any type of issue that could arise and will provide excellent service!

Whatever kind of assistance you are looking for, Exodus Garage Doors can help you. Here are some of the most common problems with garage doors that Exodus Garage Doors can help you with:


Broken or Old Springs

The most important part of your garage door is its springs. These torsion spring doors keep opening and closing the way they should, but if you hear a popping sound when operating or see rust on them then it’s best to contact Exodus Garage Doors immediately as this could be an issue with one or more pieces breaking off from their mainframe which will result in no ability for us ​to fix any damage done at all!


Worn Our Roller & Bearings

Have you been hearing popping and squeaking sounds every time your garage door is opened? You might need a roller or springs replacement. The dull metal noise could also be coming from a loose bracket that’s rubbing against the frame of an opening mechanism; if so then it will take very little effort on our end (and money) before seeing improvement in performance!


The Exodus Garage Doors of Royal Oak is a great company to contact if you have any issues with your garage door. They offer repair services all over town and even give advice on how best to keep it maintained in between trips, so don’t hesitate!

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