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myq garage hub - Exodus Garage Doors

myq garage hub - Exodus Garage Doors

Are you looking for a new garage door? Why not modernize your whole system? Exodus Garage Doors can help you with that. We offer services in the whole of New Mexico. We are the best garage door company in the state. We have plenty of new customers every day and recurring ones all the time. We believe that customers recurring to our services says a lot about us. We are a highly professional and friendly company with plenty of experience in the industry. Our employees strive to improve their knowledge of the latest advancements and products to bring you the best of the best. We work with any budget, and whether you are looking to repair, replace or install a garage door or opener at your home, you can contact us. You can count on us doing the job right on our first visit.

Garage Door Services

Our company specializes in the following garage door services:

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend our customers to get the MYQ garage hub; it is a great product that will help you modernize your garage and make your home more secure. It is highly sought after because of its high compatibility with other brands’ products.

The MYQ garage hub has the MYQ control panel that has a lot of useful features such as:

Through the MYQ control panel, you can also share access with other people to let them have access to your garage from your smart device. They will be able to control the garage from their smart device or their vehicle.

MYQ Hub And Automotive Compatibility

Vehicles from the following brands or have features from these systems will control the MYQ garage hub system from the in-vehicle system or the driver’s smartphone. The vehicle brands and other related brands are:

The MYQ garage hub will help you to improve your overall house security. As criminals become more intelligent, homeowners and business owners have to get smarter not to become vulnerable. The MYQ garage hub will help you do that. It is a modern, cheap and simple way to improve your house’s safety and make sure your business also becomes as strong as a fortress.

MYQ garage hub is simple to install and set up; you can even add multiple cards to the system. To make it work, you will need a local network WI-FI connection. It is done through the MYQ app that you can get from your phone’s app store.

The MYQ garage hub is most likely compatible with all garage openers manufactured after 1993 but does check if the one you have is compatible with the MYQ garage hub. If the MYQ garage hub has bad internet connections, try to move closer to the router, and for any difficulty installing the device, you can check the instruction on the app. If any other problem or situation arises, you can call us at Exodus Garage Doors to explain what is happening, and we will help you in any way possible.

The MYQ garage hub is not the only MYQ device they have we recommend. They sell impressive products. We recommend the MYQ garage hub as it is one of the most useful devices on the market. It is compatible with almost all garage openers is a no-brainer when looking to modernize your garage door system without going over budget or when having a small budget.

More MYQ Products

Other MYQ products include:

All of these products are part of the MYQ product list and are compatible with each other. We highly recommend using their products as they work great together; the app has a monthly dollar fee or $10 a year fee. It has compatibility but do have care when buying things of the same brand and check if they are compatible.

How MYQ Can Help You With COVID-19 Prevention

We are dealing with COVID-19, and with everything being delivered, the MYQ garage hub will help you a lot with this. You will maintain social distancing while making sure the delivered goods are safe from the rain or other threats. The MYQ garage hub is so easy to install that you can install it yourself. It is wireless so that no cable-related work will be needed, so no strangers will be needed to come to your home.

The MYQ garage hub can connect itself with a compatible smart garage camera and smart openers. It will make it easier to control it and manage your home system through the MYQ app..

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We offer our customers free estimates, full warranties, and great discounts to help you get the best products within your budget. We are here to help you and make the best out of your time. We are available from 7:00 AM to 5:00 AM, Monday to Fridays.

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