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Liftmaster garage door openers from Exodus Garage Door Novi, MI, are ready to help you ease into having more time for yourself and not worrying about getting out of the car to open the garage door. Whether it is raining, extremely hot, snowing, or you are just feeling blah, let Liftmaster garage door openers open the door for you without any fuss. Get onto your local specialist today and see when they can install Liftmaster garage door openers for you. If you make an appointment but need to reschedule, no problem, just call up to make another time that’s convenient for you.

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers - Exodus Garage Door

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Service

Exodus Garage Door Novi, MI is the friendly Liftmaster garage door openers techs who can supply you with all the parts you need to create effortless opening Liftmaster garage door openers. You will need to have a Liftmaster garage door openers installed, which the team can tend to, and upon completion, you will be given the Liftmaster garage door opener remotes to open and close the door. Each kit comes with a Liftmaster garage door opener sensor, which means your children, cars, and pets are protected from the door shutting on them. Once the door sensors, something is there; it will automatically reverse. Got a malfunctioning Liftmaster garage door opener keypad? No worries, we can take care of that and any other problems that you may come across with the garage doors, from squeaking noise to slow opening and shutting.

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Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Life becomes easy again with the Liftmaster garage door openers. You no longer need to be exposed to the elements, and neither do your children. Don’t risk slipping due to rushing inside to avoid the baby getting wet. Install a Liftmaster garage door openers, and this problem disappears. You just push the button when you are approaching the Liftmaster garage door openers, and it will automatically open for you. Drive-in with ease, and then push the button again to close when you are ready to shut the door. Easy as ever.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Remotes

Like everything else, Liftmaster garage door opener remotes will wear down, and the button might need to be pushed more firmly than before. If this occurs, contact the team and get your Liftmaster garage door opener remotes sorted out for you to ensure that it doesn’t stop working altogether. The Liftmaster garage door openers have affordable replacement remotes and takes just a few steps for the technician to program the new remote to your door. Call now to book a new replacement for your door the easy and affordable way.

What Our Customers Say About Us
Bryan Black
Bryan Black
2 reviews
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Very happy with our newer, quieter garage door, thanks to exodus Garage Door for an amazing job. They did exactly what we wanted and even went above and beyond to provide the best customer service as much as they could. Great service. 5 stars!
David Green
David Green
1 review
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They responded really quick and got my garage door fixed. Excellent service.
Marilyn Tran
Marilyn Tran
15 reviews
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One of the old torsion springs broke on our garage door. Exodus Garage Door technician repaired it quickly, so when our motor gave out, we immediately gave them a call. We had someone here the next day, he was friendly, quick, and helpful, and we'll definitely use them again.
Sandy Carriger
Sandy Carriger
4 reviews
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they did the excellent job in installing my garage opener. they were very friendly and patience in answering my questions. Excellent customer service. Thank you for helping me! Job well done!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sam Russell
Sam Russell
1 review
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they came and fixed my broken torsion spring and did a great job. they was fast, courteous, and professional. Did a good job setting expectations on time of appointment. Very happy
Craig Wollmershauser
Craig Wollmershauser
7 reviews
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They did a great job. Was really quick and professional. Two thumbs up!
Сhloe Sheldon
Сhloe Sheldon
13 reviews
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They came over and fixed it the same day. I appreciated that. Very professional.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Sensor

You can be reassured with the Liftmaster garage door opener sensor that if your car is parked halfway under the door and someone pushes the button, the door won’t crush your car. It’s a common thought that people think the door will close on their car, but this is far from the truth. The Liftmaster garage door openers are equipped with a Liftmaster garage door opener sensor that will make the door go back up if something is found to be in the way. If your door is quite old and you want a new sensor installed for peace of mind, contact us.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Keypad

The Liftmaster garage door opener keypad provides you with an easy way to enter your garage without a remote or a key. They are weatherproof and will last if they are looked after. The Liftmaster garage door opener keypad will give you reliable performance without the worry of losing keys and remotes. All you need is a code to enter, so you never need to search to the bottom of the earth for your key or the Liftmaster garage door openers remote; that is now a thing of the past.

Go with the professional brand that won't fail you.

When it comes to garage door openers, you don’t want one that is going to fail you at the worst possible time, like pouring rain or when you have a sick child. A failing garage door is what you will get when you buy an opener or remote from a hardware store or from an online platform.


They certainly are. The technicians are qualified and have years of experience installing, repairs, and finding solutions to the different problems that can occur. Ensuring you use staff that are experienced with Liftmaster garage door openers will ensure no damage to the door or parts will occur.  We take pride in our work.

Most times, a squeaking door is the result of a Liftmaster garage door openers that needs to be lubricated and cleaned. It isn’t a complex job for the Liftmaster garage door openers professionals, but it can mean damaging your parts if you don’t get the problem fixed asap.

The first thing to check when your remote is not working is the batteries. The batteries may need replacing in your Liftmaster garage door opener remotes. Once they have been replaced, if the problem is still there, you could have a problem between the remote and the sensor. We can check this out for you and find the best solution to get your Liftmaster garage door openers remote back in working condition.

Your Liftmaster garage door openers have sensors that will stop the door from closing on any obstructions. If the door keeps going back up after pressing the button, there is most likely something in the way of the sensor. Sometimes the Liftmaster garage door opener sensor can be dirty, and it can also come out of line. To get it aligned or cleaned, call us today.

No problem. We can reset this for you. Give the Liftmaster garage door openers experts a call, and we can organize a technician to do a hard reset for your Liftmaster garage door opener keypad. get that sorted on the same day.

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