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Insulated garage doors – Why Would You Need Them?

What do you use your garage for? This question could have multiple different answers, the common ones being as a storage space, workspace, recreation space, and of course, its intended purpose, which is to keep cars. As garage use increases, it is also important to consider how they are built and how good of an idea it would be for the utility chosen for it. For example, garage temperatures can be intolerable usually because they are more exposed to outdoor temperatures. Unlike the rest of the house, garages are generally not entirely insulated by default, making it difficult to control the temperature.

Air leaks in garages are mainly the reason behind such unbearable temperatures. They also make it quite difficult and inefficient to use air conditioners to control temperature, and this is why we recommend insulated garage doors as a more efficient method. Insulated garage doors are an upgrade from ordinary doors with numerous advantages in addition to efficient temperature control. Before learning more about the perks of insulated garage doors, we think homeowners should understand what is involved in the insulation, as well as common methods used.

Insulating Garage Doors

There are diverse methods of insulating garage doors, which depend on your budget and preference. The most common methods are:

The batt insulation – is a simple method of insulation that involves placing a board of fiberglass and foil on the exterior of the door to prevent air leaks in and out of the garage. It is the least expensive of these three methods.

• The foam board – this involves adding a panel of padding in the doors, usually made of polystyrene. This method provides very high insulation with the least thickness.

• Polyethylene reflective insulation – this method involves an injection of polyethylene bubbles and highly reflective aluminum, making it ideal for insulation for very hot areas.

All these methods offer insulation in your garage; however, before settling on one, we recommend having an expert’s opinion before going ahead. At Exodus Garage Door, we have accumulated a lot of experience and skills and would love to help you reap the maximum benefits of insulated garage doors.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Although it is already easy to accrue the value of using insulated garage doors, here are even more perks to consider.

Saves Money: insulated garage doors are more energy-efficient and, therefore, owners save money that could otherwise be used on their monthly energy bills.

• Offers better protection: By using insulated garage doors, owners can protect their stored belongings from extreme temperatures.

• Offers More Comfort: with controlled temperature and noise, homeowners can then transform the space into a recreational or workspace where they can spend more time.

• Better Noise Control: Besides temperature, insulated garage doors also help minimize the noise from the street into the house. Moreover, you can be loud in your garage without worrying about the neighbors.

• Durable: These multi-layered insulated garage doors are sturdier and more resistant to destruction than the ordinary single-layered garage doors.

Besides the benefits, insulated garage doors also increase the value of the house. It is, therefore, a very smart investment for homeowners to ditch ordinary doors and upgrade to insulated garage doors and improve your house’s curb appeal with one of the best investments you will ever make.

Contact the Experts

Over time, we have seen several DIY videos on the internet on this issue come up. However, we believe that it is important to find an expert in your area and have their take on your issue. At Exodus Garage Door, we offer the best consultation and installation services in MI. We specialize in garage doors and have all you need for installations, upgrades, and repairs. In our experience, it is essential to involve experts in such endeavors to ensure you benefit fully from effective methods of insulation.

It’s worthwhile noting that garage doors are not the same for everyone and, therefore, there isn’t a one size fits all kind of solution. There are different doors in the market, from steel doors to wooden doors, and their unique makes dictate the insulation methods to use. Additionally, we understand the weather in MI, better than anyone and, therefore, we are in a better position to advise our clients.

Insulation is not our only forte. We offer other professional services such as installing new garage door openers, consultation for the best openers, and repairs. To find out more about Exodus Garage Doors, click on the about us link and discover why we are the best at what we do.

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