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Glass garage doors for houses from Exodus Garage Doors company in Novi, MI, thrive on delivering fast glass garage doors for houses installations at a fair price. Why search around to find scammers of glass garage doors for houses when you can hire a team that is heavily experienced in everything to do with glass garage doors.

Glass Garage Doors For Houses Service

Wondering just what service you can expect from the Exodus Garage Doors experts? When you are looking at updating your glass garage doors for houses, then you need a team from Novi, MI who specialize in all sorts of services such as single glass garage door, small glass garage door, large glass garage door, and even the double pane glass garage door. Whether you need a small or big glass garage doors for houses, we can sort you out with a fair price, fast installation, and a new look for your front entryway.

Do you like the idea of having a double pane door for the extra strength that comes with it and the energy efficiency if you are running heaters or air conditioners? Call today for a no-obligation quote and information regarding the installation and maintenance needed for your new door.

Why Choose Our Company?


Over 20 years of experience 



Committed to providing 100% satisfaction



The staff is highly skilled and reliable



Available  throughout the entire process



professional support throughout



Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Single glass garage door easy installation

Say goodbye to your old and rusty pull-down door as we have a single glass garage door to suit your home.  We have many colors and designs for your single glass garage door that will suit both modern and old homes. We will come to your home to get an exact measurement, then talk over with you the colors and designs along with what you hope to gain from the new glass garage doors for houses to ensure you are getting the result that you had expected.

Small Glass Garage Door, Are They Good?

They certainly are! As you gain a whole new look for your home in Novi, MI, and being only a small glass garage door, the look and design won’t be overwhelming. You will still get enough natural light in the room without compromising on the look. The outside scenic view of your home is improved straight away with the simple installation of glass garage doors for houses. Talk to the team today if you think you could benefit from a new small glass garage door without the hassle that other companies bring with them.

What Our Customers Say About Us
Bryan Black
Bryan Black
2 reviews
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Very happy with our newer, quieter garage door, thanks to exodus Garage Door for an amazing job. They did exactly what we wanted and even went above and beyond to provide the best customer service as much as they could. Great service. 5 stars!
David Green
David Green
1 review
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They responded really quick and got my garage door fixed. Excellent service.
Marilyn Tran
Marilyn Tran
15 reviews
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One of the old torsion springs broke on our garage door. Exodus Garage Door technician repaired it quickly, so when our motor gave out, we immediately gave them a call. We had someone here the next day, he was friendly, quick, and helpful, and we'll definitely use them again.
Sandy Carriger
Sandy Carriger
4 reviews
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they did the excellent job in installing my garage opener. they were very friendly and patience in answering my questions. Excellent customer service. Thank you for helping me! Job well done!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sam Russell
Sam Russell
1 review
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they came and fixed my broken torsion spring and did a great job. they was fast, courteous, and professional. Did a good job setting expectations on time of appointment. Very happy
Craig Wollmershauser
Craig Wollmershauser
7 reviews
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They did a great job. Was really quick and professional. Two thumbs up!
Сhloe Sheldon
Сhloe Sheldon
13 reviews
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They came over and fixed it the same day. I appreciated that. Very professional.

Large Glass Garage Door Perfect For Updating

If you are building a home or have moved into a rather large home and looking at getting glass garage doors for houses installed, then you would need to look at a large glass garage door. These are a great option for allowing more light into a room or if you have an old garage door that barely opens. Get updated and install a large glass garage door, which is easy for the team with the right knowledge and tools for the job.  The large doors come in the same colors as the smaller ones, so don’t think you have missed out on any designs offered by the other sized doors.

Double Pane Glass Garage Door Endless Benefits

Installing a double pane glass garage door is a great idea due to the many benefits they come with. Your home is instantly given more value to its price, you have a new and updated look, and the fact double pane glass garage door offers more energy efficiency. Lowering your bills and helping to insulate the home from outside noise. These are just a few benefits that are packed into one door, but many more are to be discovered. Modernize your life for the better with glass garage doors for houses. You won’t be disappointed.

For whatever reason, you are enquiring about a glass garage door; we have everything you need from great colors and styles to friendly installers who know exactly how to provide you with fast and quality service for a great price. Call today to query a new garage door for your home.


The company only hires skilled, trained, and trustworthy glass garage doors for houses staff. All staff hold qualifications and have undergone safety training and education on how to fix problems caused by previous companies installing faulty doors. 

Yes, they certainly do. Plenty of natural light can flow through your single glass garage door, saving you on your power bill. No extra maintenance is needed, and installation is a breeze for the glass garage doors for houses installation team.

Whether you are installing a big or small glass garage door, they all still pack design and style. If you have smaller glass, then the team will suggest going with a bolder color and style if you wish to have your glass garage door for houses stand out as a feature point.

One thing that people often do when they feel their large glass garage door is letting in too much light, given it is so big, is to get some of the panels frosted. You then only have a certain amount of panes letting in the light and natural view. Want more privacy? Get the glass garage doors for houses team to come and frost as many as you want so you can still have a view where you like, but you have a decent amount of privacy too.

You can use your double pane glass garage door as an internal or exterior wall to separate rooms etc. Using double pan in the glass garage door for houses means that you can limit the noise coming from the room.

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