Fiberglass Garage Doors – Quality Doors for Your New Home

Fiberglass garage doors are what the Exodus Garage Doors company provides the public. The fiberglass garage doors from Novi, MI boast concealable steel constructions and a new modern style to your home. The fiberglass garage doors will not only add beauty and a touch of design to your home but value too.

Fiberglass Garage Doors Service

The Exodus Garage Doors company offers service that goes above and beyond any other organization. If you are considering installing fiberglass garage doors, then there are several sizes to choose from. We can supply you with swing out garage doors fiberglass, 9×7 glass garage door, 8×7 glass garage door, and 8×8 glass garage door to suit your space. Fiberglass garage doors can only be installed by a skilled and qualified professional who knows exactly what they are doing. We have been installing garage doors for many years, so we have the knowledge and the right tools to get the job done safely.

If you notice your doors are not working properly, we can come out to take a look as sometimes the doors might just need a little TLC to get back into working mode again.

Why Choose Our Company?


Over 20 years of experience 



Committed to providing 100% satisfaction



The staff is highly skilled and reliable



Available  throughout the entire process



professional support throughout



Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Swing Out Garage Doors Fiberglass Installations

Why search around looking for quality made swing out garage doors fiberglass and waste your time wondering if you are choosing the right Novi, MI company. For all swing out garage doors fiberglass installations, maintenance and repairs, you need to go with the company who chooses only the best products to sell directly to you at an affordable price. Fiberglass garage doors are suitable for small homes or very large modern homes. Even if you are not sure if you could benefit from one, come in and see the team!

9x7 Glass Garage Door

A 9×7 glass garage door is a popular size that we install often. You can choose from clear glass panels or frosted and colored and whatever color trim you would like to use. If you are unsure if a 9×7 glass garage door is the correct size for you, chat to the team who are happy to come and do a measure up to double-check. If you have another space you would like to add fiberglass garage doors around your home, call today and see what type of design suits your budget.

What Our Customers Say About Us
Bryan Black
Bryan Black
2 reviews
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Very happy with our newer, quieter garage door, thanks to exodus Garage Door for an amazing job. They did exactly what we wanted and even went above and beyond to provide the best customer service as much as they could. Great service. 5 stars!
David Green
David Green
1 review
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They responded really quick and got my garage door fixed. Excellent service.
Marilyn Tran
Marilyn Tran
15 reviews
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One of the old torsion springs broke on our garage door. Exodus Garage Door technician repaired it quickly, so when our motor gave out, we immediately gave them a call. We had someone here the next day, he was friendly, quick, and helpful, and we'll definitely use them again.
Sandy Carriger
Sandy Carriger
4 reviews
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they did the excellent job in installing my garage opener. they were very friendly and patience in answering my questions. Excellent customer service. Thank you for helping me! Job well done!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sam Russell
Sam Russell
1 review
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they came and fixed my broken torsion spring and did a great job. they was fast, courteous, and professional. Did a good job setting expectations on time of appointment. Very happy
Craig Wollmershauser
Craig Wollmershauser
7 reviews
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They did a great job. Was really quick and professional. Two thumbs up!
Сhloe Sheldon
Сhloe Sheldon
13 reviews
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They came over and fixed it the same day. I appreciated that. Very professional.

8x7 Glass Garage Door

A little bit smaller in size is the 8×7 glass garage door, another popular size for most residential homes. The 8×7 glass garage door is affordable, and you can get frosted glass, which is suitable for a car garage or somewhere to store your tools, and no one can see inside. Perhaps you might like to add the fiberglass garage doors in clear glass coming off your lounge room to open the room up and enjoy being able to see a huge amount of your outdoor area. What area will you put your new glass door on?

8x8 Glass Garage Door

The 8×8 glass garage door is a common choice due to the fact you are dealing with an even amount of fiberglass garage doors and panels which many people prefer. Even the smaller sizes can still add a beautiful feature to your home or add some trend if you are renovating to a more modern style of design. We can install the 8×8 glass garage door for you and also provide you with all the information that you need. A no-obligation quote is also available if you would like to see if the price works within your budget at the moment.

Fiberglass garage doors are a great way to add style to your home. Enjoy selecting the panel style and the different decorative hardware that come with it.  Now is the time to make your garage entry reflect your personal style and add an elegant design that even your friends and family will be envious of.


Of course, you can. The team will give you samples of the designs and styles of the garage doors so you can look over them and decide which design you think will work best with your home. If you are unsure of what type of fiberglass garage doors to choose, the team can visit your home and offer their expert opinion.

Yes, they are. The swing out garage doors fiberglass can handle harsh weather conditions from snow to the very hottest day on record in Novi, MI Over time the weather stripping that is on the fiberglass garage doors is designed to keep the weather out but can need replacing, so if you see the rain coming in, then considering getting your weather-stripping replaced, which is quick and easy.

The good thing about fiberglass garage doors is the fact that it doesn’t swell or shrink like other materials such as wood. The 9×7 glass garage door won’t let the drafts in during winter or become sticky during the hotter months.

The 8×7 glass garage door doesn’t need much maintenance, just washing over with a wet cloth when the door becomes dirty. Temperature swings won’t affect the finish of the door, but if the fiberglass garage doors face the beating sun all day/every day, you may benefit from a restorative topcoat over time.

This is a big no-no! We organize and order the 8×8 glass garage door for you and will deliver it and install it the same day. You need specific tools and knowledge to install the door safely, securely, and properly. The fiberglass garage door will not work correctly if it is not hung right; even a small bit out will throw the whole door off. Get the professional team to handle the installation, that’s what they are there for.

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